Trauma impacts people. Often the part(s) of a person that have experienced trauma hold onto the negative energy, emotions, hurtful messages, and memories of the event, and don’t know how to release it or be free from it. IFS can help with this unburdening process.

The IFS model believes in the multiplicity of the mind, or that we are made up of many different parts of us that feel, think, believe, and act differently from our other parts. This model helps people to work with their inner family of “parts” or the conflicted sub-personalities that reside within them in their inner lives, and believes that parts take on common roles and common inner relationships. The roles and relationships these parts have are not static and could be worked with if one intervened carefully and respectfully. This model is very versatile in its application to a variety of challenges, particularly trauma, and works well with individuals, couples, and families, across the age spectrum.

Brief Solution Focused
Internal Family Systems  (IFS)
Family Systems Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing    (EMDR)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT)
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